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To begin downloading NurtureSoft 2.x Personal Edition click the link below and select to open the file or save it to disk. It is a single installation file. It fully configures your system during the installation process. It may require to reboot your computer at the end or during the installation - please follow the on-screen instructions.

Use the Online Download Registration Form to request download the latest version of NurtureSoft. Please make sure to provide a valid e-mail address - the confirmation of registration and URL to the download link will shortly arrive in e-mail. To request Network or Special edition on a CD, please contact

NurtureSoft Knowledge Base

How to install the business logic patch:

Download the file. Unpack content of the file into your NurtureSoft directory (normally c:\Program Files\NurtureSoft). Double-click to run Updatedb.bat file.

How to completely un-install NurtureSoft on Windows 98/Windows ME machines:

On Windows 98/ME the program is not uninstalled from Add/Remove programs panel unless you stop the SQL Services first. No errors appears during the uninstalltion, but the program is not being removed. To stop SQL Server, locate in the Windows system tray (the area normally in the right bottom corner of the screen, where the clock is) an icon that looks likea small tower computer with a green arrow on it (Note that if the SQL Server is already stopped instead of green arrow there will be a red dot; then no additional action is necessary - the SQL Server is already stopped). Double-click on the icon, and it brings up the SQL Service Manager window. Click "Stop" button. After stopping the SQL Server, close the SQL Service Manager windows and uninstall NurtureSoft using Control Panel's Add/Remove program feature. Please note that this problem does not appear on Windows 2000/Windows XP computers. When attempting re-installing NurtureSoft the setup process fails: On all computer systems that had had previous versions of NurtureSoft installed and then removed, the installation of a new version may fail. The reason is that the process of uninstalling SQL Server (that is the part of the application) leaves behind some files and directories; and so the new installtion cannot write to the folders. To fix the problem the folder in which SQL Server has been previously installed, must be removed manually.

ATTENTION: Before processing with the following instructions you must make sure that all instances of NurtureSoft have been successfully removed (no entries in Add/Remove Programs applet) AND all instances of SQL Server relevant to NurtureSoft are uninstalled ("NurtureSoft Database and Tools" - it is only applicable to NurtureSoft 2.1 Network or Special Editions; the Personal Edition installs and removes the database as one package within itself)

Make sure that the requirements (see above) are met

Locate folder "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL$NURTURESQL" Manually delete the folder, Repeat installing NurtureSoft

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